Feels like I’ve had a million things on the go recently which all seem strung out and have taken a while to come together.  So in the downtime during these projects I get to do ‘other’ projects… like helping out my buddies.

The Survival Tour, consists of my friends El Morgan, Kelly Kemp, Sam Russo, Giles Bidder, Roo Pescod & Helen Chambers.  They’re all getting together on some dates and I cannot speak highly enough about any of them as people or musicians.

I was more than happy to put together a tour poster & shirt for them… bit of a Christmas rush job, but cool all the same

Kelly, Giles & Roo will be promoting their amazing new collaborative release which you can hear here

El recently released the awesome Darlington EP, listenable here

While Mr Russo will be hawking his latest release ‘Storm’ which rules, listened to a sizeable chunk of it here

Make sure you hit up some dates.